How to win the holidays

While it may feel like fall has only just begun, the holiday season seems to start earlier and earlier for retailers every year. Not afforded the same holiday relaxation as most, business owners start preparing for the holiday rush long before their Thanksgiving dinners.

To ensure your business is making the most of this holiday season, we’ve created a few pointers to consider:

Be Preemptive: Minimize Back Office Work

It’s best to be dedicating your business resources to where they matter most during the holidays: the customers. Making sure your accounting and inventory systems are streamlined is critical to being able to deal with the increased foot traffic or online sales. Remember: investing the time upfront will save you a major headache of dealing with it after the fact.


Be Preparing for the Future: Leverage the Holiday Crowd

While the holiday rush may only happen for a few weeks out of the year, this may be your opportunity to convert holiday shoppers into year-round customers. Use this time to build your email lists through holiday discounts and develop sales leads for the coming months. Offering post-holiday discounts or sending a thoughtful email can help form connections with a new audience. With the right tactics, you can have people coming back within weeks, if not days!


Be Cool: Don’t Forget the Spirit of the Season

The holidays––especially holiday shopping––can quickly become stressful for retailers and customers alike. Even the smallest of gestures to show your appreciation for their business can go a long way in letting your customers know they’re more than just sales leads and potential revenue. The holiday craze passes after a few weeks, but customers remember how they’ve been treated for years!

Finally, keeping the spirit of the holidays in mind is about more than just your company––it’s about you being in the company of your friends and family. Do your best to make time for your loved ones, eat a couple good meals, and watch some football!

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