What will pharmacies look like in 10 years?

The pharmacy industry is on the cusp of an existential change.

Consumers have been prescribed and been receiving their medication in the same manner for decades, an experience typically plagued by long wait times and inconvenient trips to the local pharmacy. Today, however, consumer-facing businesses won’t survive long without a high quality customer experience, and Rx appears to be on the cusp of making this change.

Take the retail industry, for example, whose catalyst for change was the quick adoption of e-commerce and the meteoric rise of choice and convenience for customers that came with it—shoppers suddenly had endless stores to visit without leaving the comfort of their home. With that came heightened expectations: endless choices, multiple shipping options, and tailored e-commerce experiences.

We’re expecting to see a similar shift take place in pharmacy in the coming years. Deliv Rx was announced to provide the last mile solutions and power the new wave of convenience in Rx, but what other factors will come into play? And what will Rx look like in 10 years? We have the answers…

But first, a look at today

There are approximately 4 billion prescriptions dispensed in the U.S. every year, and the large majority of them are filled at the 60,000 retail pharmacy locations around the country. From Walgreens to local pharmacies, millions of Americans take time out of their busy schedules to endure the 45 minute average wait time to receive their prescription.

Now multiply this by the fact that many of these people are ill, elderly, or have a child or two in tow and the idea of waiting nearly an hour seems nearly unbearable—and we agree.

Digital-first Pharmacies

In the same way that brick and mortar retailers have had to adopt a digital-first approach, pharmacies will begin to have to do the same. With enhanced communication abilities, customer relationship management tools, and greater accessibilities, it’s clear that consumers will be better off with being able to interface with their pharmacy digitally. In ten years time, the idea of waiting in line for 45 minutes for your monthly medication will be a distant memory.

There are a few obvious movements towards a digitally native future for pharmacy. There are the likes of NowRx and Capsule, who are more traditional players in the space. Then there are trendy, male-focused digital pharmacies like Roman and Hims, who are prescribing and fulfilling ED pills and hair loss medication directly from their website.

The biggest shift, however, comes from Amazon’s acquisition of PillPack. Just under two years ago, Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods sent the grocery industry scrambling to meet the expectations of Prime members. A similar narrative is developing for Rx, whose incumbents are beginning to keep pace.

Scheduled & expedited delivery

same day delivery

Customers are increasingly likely to expect a same-day delivery option when purchasing an item online—and this couldn’t be more true than in Rx. When it comes to your health, time is important, and pharmacies need to be fulfilling prescriptions in a way that suits that.

Deliv Rx is often the choice for pharmacies looking to streamline their delivery options, powering scheduled and expedited delivery for national and local retailers alike.

Not only does Deliv Rx allow pharmacies to tap into a dynamic network of drivers, but the scheduling features and real-time package tracking gives pharmacies the highest level of customization and transparency for their customers.

One thing is clear: the pharmacy industry will look and feel dramatically different a decade from today. The shift in the way that people interact with pharmacies and receive their medication is underway now, and will only improve with greater competition.

Visit Deliv.co and get a quote today to discover how simple it is to offer the convenience of same-day delivery.

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