Valentine’s Day in Review


As we wrap up the month of February, we’d like to take a moment to recognize how important the past 28 days were for same day delivery. We’re living in a time where consumers have begun expecting instant gratification, whether it be from watching their favorite shows to ordering and receiving their purchased goods.

This dependence on immediacy has never been more clear than this past Valentine’s Day.

Roses, chocolates, and gifts for significant others have always been staples of mid-February, but a trend arose this year more prominent than ever: getting these items at the last moment. With the growing accessibility of same day delivery, the idea of being “prepared” for Valentine’s Day is quickly changing.

BloomThat, a flower-on-demand service based out of San Francisco that’s powered by Deliv’s platform, saw an enormous rise in their demand, serving customers at a record high. 


Overall, four times more retail items were delivered same day on Valentine’s Day by Deliv than the average day. From wine to artisan goods, Deliv helped make Valentine’s Day essentials more accessible than ever and consumers responded!

We’ve been seeing large increases in holiday deliveries for a few years now. The reason is simple: we live busy lives and, for many of us, it’s important to take advantage of the convenience of same day delivery.

The idea of this gets down to the core of what Deliv stands for. Driving around, dropping off and picking up goods is a time-consuming effort and people are often already juggling multiple responsibilities. At Deliv, we’re here to handle delivery so you have time to do what’s important to you.

Want to experience the convenience of same day delivery? Schedule a Deliv today.

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