How florists can make the most of their peak season

It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is a big day for flowers! The February holiday is an exciting day for couples, an interesting day for single folks, and an important day for florists. The celebration of Valentine’s day that we’re all familiar with has been going on since the 18th century, when it became common for friends and lovers to exchange gifts.

The exchanging of gifts and flowers and dinners has grown into a 13 billion dollar industry, with a large portion of those dollars going to the classic gift: bouquets. Although flower sales are eclipsed by Mother’s Day for in terms of revenue generated, Valentine’s Day clocks in at a close second.

Deliv is the last mile delivery solution for thousands of flower orders throughout the year. But this February, we wanted to go the extra mile and break down the importance of Valentine’s Day and identify a few ways florists can make the most of the holiday.

A big day for flowers

Valentines Day flower delivery

Making up over a third of all gifts, a bouquet of flowers ends up in millions of peoples arms every year. Ranging anywhere from $30 dollars to upwards of $100, flowers make up $2B of what’s spent each year on Valentine’s Day.

The iconic flower of any Valentine’s Day gift is the rose—so it’s no coincidence that a quarter-billion of them are grown each year to be given to friends and lovers. That’s nearly 21 million bouquets alone! With rose bouquet prices increasing during the peak season, reaching an average of $73 when they’re typically $59, those 250 million roses are worth nearly 1.5 billion dollars.

Delivering those flowers

The need for those expensive roses and daisies to reach their intended destination while they’re fresh is never more important than on Valentine’s Day. With the holiday falling on a Wednesday this year, consumers will be managing their busy workweeks along with their Valentine’s Day plans—making reliable delivery even more important.

More and more florists are relying on 3rd party solutions to offer the same day delivery options that 80% of consumers are now expecting—and the florists that do are reaping the benefits. Last year, Deliv powered the same day delivery of four times as many flowers as the year before.

Florists—as well as numerous other industries—have realized that offering in-house delivery is simply too time consuming and expensive. Plus, they face the question of how to scale exponentially for just several weeks of the year. This makes Deliv an ideal solution for florists needing to outsource their delivery overflow during peak seasons, or outsource the entirety of their deliveries to a trusted partner.

But alas, there’s more gifted than flowers

Speaking about more than flowers, Valentine’s Day is a big day for cards, candy, dinner, and however else people choose to celebrate the day. Those costs add up to the average consumer spending $116 dollars on their friends and significant others. Talk about a big consumer holiday!

So for florists, offering gifts to complement their bouquets can help them capture the nearly $3 billion spent on chocolates, candy, and cards each year. A $40 dollar bouquet delivery can quickly be upsold into the full Valentine’s Day gift: flowers, chocolate, a cute card.

Offering all of these items with the convenience of same day delivery? Well, the deal sounds just as sweet as the gift.

Sign up for Deliv and begin offering same day delivery today!

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