How brands are using packaging to create an end-to-end experience

Just a few decades ago, the strategies for CPG companies were simple: Stand out on shelves.

Before the dawn of the internet and the subsequent rise of e-commerce, transactions only happened in-store. With long aisles and towering shelves lined with goods, the most surefire way to differentiate a quality product was through the packaging.

But today, a customer’s experience with a brand reaches far further than the store’s shelves. CPG brands have a renewed focused on packaging and delivery to differentiate their product’s experience at home.

Why, you ask, is packaging playing a revived role in retail? That’s a good question. We’ve identified three key factors that packaging plays in the customer experience and why brands are taking it more seriously than ever.

1. Brands want an end-to-end experience

With seemingly limitless options online and in-store, consumers are now being catered to by brands offering highly curated, highly convenient customer experiences. Whether it be in-store or on a website, every consumer touchpoint has become a potential place of differentiation for brands; product, packaging, delivery, etc.

A focus on packaging extends that reach into the in-home experience. When done creatively and thoughtfully, consumers are increasingly likely to share on social media, giving the goods a second life in a customers’ social network.

2. Sustainability and Convenience

Sustainability has become a major buzzword in the packaging space.

From San Francisco’s sewage changing colors due to a massive influx of cardboard boxes from online purchasers to the negative press on the waste of some popular meal kit companies, it’s clear that consumers are aware of the footprint e-commerce is leaving and are proud to choose the brands being thoughtful about their packaging.

An often unseen aspect of packaging and sustainability is shipping time. Deliv partners with companies to power cost-effective same day delivery, and allowing them to reduce the packaging necessary to get their goods safely to a consumers’ doorstep.

The truth is, shipping food or fragile goods over far distances from a central warehouse requires much more packaging than a last mile option. Groceries, for instance, can be delivered with reduced packaging and delivered fresher by partnering with Deliv and our flexible last mile solutions.

3. Packaging that lends insights

Social media can show companies who is talking about and using their products, but the rise of smart packages can let companies understand how customers are using their products — or even telling consumers when is best to use the product!

CBInsights notes how Water.IO provides the likes of Bayer and others with internet-connected caps that promise data collection for brands and automatic replenishment for shoppers.

“For example,’s lid could sense when a shopper is almost done with a bottle of detergent, and automatically order a refill for the shopper while informing the brand about the shopper’s pace of detergent use. also offers more purely consumer-facing tools, such as smart water bottle caps that can sync with fitness trackers, track water consumption, and remind people to drink more.”

One thing is clear: How and when consumers are receiving their goods is becoming more important than ever. Visit and get a quote today to discover how simple it is to offer the convenience of same-day delivery.

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