The importance of maintaining your brand

Commerce looks a lot different than it did a decade ago.

It can be difficult to know what, if anything, will remain constant in the rapidly changing retail environment. If the landscape continues to change at this rate, where can you invest your time and money that won’t be disrupted by the next big retail trend?

The answer is your brand.

Developing and maintaining your brand can happen in a number of ways, but the importance of it has shown no signs of fading––it remains a crucial differentiator between competitors.


Take, for example, the research on current customer experiences and the important role that brand plays, both physically and digitally, in the journey. According to a study done by L2Inc, over half of all customers are touched digitally by a brand before entering a store. Having a brand that extends across multiple channels, as opposed to strictly brick and mortar or pure-play ecommerce, is quickly becoming an effective strategy for retailers.

For all the hype Amazon gets for disrupting the retail industry, it’s important to realize that––unless something drastic changes––Amazon is unable to compete with an omnichannel brand experience. Stretching your brand to accommodate the breadth of the current customer experience can be difficult.

Our advice? Stay consistent and don’t disintermediate.

The language, imagery, and feel of your brand should be one uninterrupted story, from social media to website to store. Fragmenting customer interactions with your brand across different services and platforms can be just as detrimental to a consistent customer experience.

Because we understand how important maintaining brand is, Deliv was created as a service that seamlessly connects you with your customer. Our CEO, Daphne Carmeli explains it well when she describes Deliv as a backend service for businesses to plug into. When customers order same day delivery, it’s because you are providing it from your website or store. You own the transaction and the customer data. We simply work in the background to seamlessly fulfill the delivery from your store.

So invest in what will last through these changing times of commerce and build your brand. There’s no better way of doing it than with Deliv.

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