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in-store sales

With customers shopping from home, what does the same-store sales metric mean anymore?

Just over a decade ago, the phrase “social media” was almost unknown. At best, it was used by early tech adopters and fringe internet communities. Fast-forward to today, even your grandma knows what it is. Retail has experienced a similar shift.  How companies sell and market products, and interact with customers, is unrecognizable compared to ten years ago. The companies… Read more →

brick & mortar

Omnichannel Retail: Pure-play and Brick & Mortar

Casper, the millennial-beloved company that made waves in the ecommerce industry by selling mattresses online, is turning to brick and mortar for further growth. After selling millions of dollars worth of bedding through clever Facebook advertising and podcast sponsorships, Casper recently announced a partnership with Target to take their online brand offline. Casper is yet another name in the growing… Read more →