Why Super Saturday will be bigger than ever for retailers

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday grab a lot of headlines, you’ll be surprised to know they’re not the biggest shopping day of the year for brick and mortar retailers. Not even close.

Super Saturday, or the last full Saturday before Christmas, has traditionally been the busiest day for shoppers and brick and mortar retailers. Last year, 66% of Americans, a whopping 155 million, were reported to have gone shopping on December 17th compared to the 99 million who made it out over Thanksgiving weekend.

December 17th, however, is the furthest day Super Saturday can be from Christmas (because Christmas Eve fell on the following Saturday and didn’t count towards a full day). This year is a completely different story: Super Saturday couldn’t be any closer to Christmas.

A tricky calendar year

This year’s holiday season is interesting for a few reasons. With Black Friday falling earlier this year on November 24th, shoppers had 3 extra days between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Even with those additional days, shoppers are prone to procrastination and millions of people will be looking for last minute gifts on Super Saturday. But this year Christmas falls on Monday, making Super Saturday as late as it could possibly be in the year.

Christmas on a Monday is already a nightmare for online retailers from a shipping perspective—no delivery from traditional shippers on Christmas or the day before because it’s Sunday. In fact, most orders need to be placed by Thursday or Friday with expensive overnight shipping and still can’t guarantee on time delivery.

For the final weekend, last minute shoppers need shop in store , or find savvy retailers who have partnered with alternative delivery options like Deliv to offer same day shipping thru Dec 24th. =

What this means for retailers

This means Super Saturday will be extra super! Brick and mortar retailers will see the traditional surge in foot traffic from last minute shoppers plus the additional people whose shopping options have been constrained by the calendar setup.

Aside from brick and mortar, the retailers that have adopted alternative delivery options like Deliv will be able to reap the benefits of being able to take and fulfill online orders well into 24th. Shoppers continue to prefer online to in-store shopping, and that preference won’t change because of the calendar year. Retailers like Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Best Buy, PetSmart, and Office Depot will be offering same day delivery through the holiday season with Deliv, making sure they’re meeting their customers expectations for choice and convenience.

Retailers can sign up for Deliv today and begin offering the most convenient shipping options available. For enterprise retailers, you can contact us to learn more about our API integrations.

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