Simple changes that can help grow your business


Change can be a scary thing, but it’s often for the best! Here are few simple changes that can help grow your business.

Step up your online marketing game

We’ve quickly found ourselves in an environment where online marketing isn’t preferred, but completely necessary to the success of your business. When it comes to social media marketing, there are a few quick wins that will help you take your marketing game to the next level.

Dedicating a few hours each week to posting content and interacting with users can help you reach brand new audiences who wouldn’t otherwise be familiar with you. To make the most of these efforts, Salesforce recommends monitoring these three metrics:

  1. Social Media Advertising ROI – Is the inbound traffic you’re gathering from social media converting.
  2. Organic Reach – Advertisements will only take you so far. Engaging with users to reach them organically is a must for a self-sustaining social media presence.
  3. Website Traffic – Make sure you know who’s visiting the site!

Simplify the customer experience

People enjoy simplicity. We spend most of our days constantly bombarded with decisions to make and details to pay attention to. Providing a customer experience that removes some of these complexities is something all businesses should strive for.

The idea of simplicity can be applied from the top of the sales cycle to the bottom. From your online identity to customer service, to advertising language, simplifying the ways customers engage with your business will leave them satisfied and far more likely to return.

How you can remove the frictions in a sales process varies between businesses, but there’s a universal way of finding out what they are––ask your customers! Getting feedback can help you make improvements you may not have otherwise expected. Perhaps your website can be more user-friendly, or some of your products may be difficult to find. Your customer knows best, so ask them!

We understand the importance of simplicity in two ways at Deliv. The business of same day delivery may be complex, but we want our solution for your transportation needs to be simple. In turn, we allow you to provide a simple and convenient way for your customers to receive their goods––everyone wins!

Show social responsibility,

Consumers have begun paying more and more attention to the byproducts of business. Whether it’s Made in USA, recycled materials, or benefits developing nations, people are willing to pay a premium for socially responsible products.

Not only do consumers appreciate making well-intentioned efforts, you can take pride in making a positive impact on the world. Any effort counts––big or small! Forbes had an interesting piece for National Volunteer Week that details ways even small businesses can give back that includes employee advocacy and philanthropy processes.

Offering same day delivery with Deliv, for example, is a great way to deliver goods locally. Your deliveries can be transported with minimal packaging compared to long distance shipping – you can package items in bags vs boxes and don’t need extra styrofoam padding. With our optimized delivery routing, local goods are literally ‘carpooled’ together as they reach their intended destinations in the most efficient way.




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