Same day delivery isn’t all the same

Anyone who tracks VC spending will have noticed a major wave happening around same-day delivery. For example, last week Instacart raised $44 million at a valuation worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Deliv, has also recently raised over $12.5 million financing from Silicon Valley investors as well as the four largest mall operators (REITs) in the country.

Fast delivery has been around forever, so why now? It’s all about the customer experience and about offering it at affordable prices for the average consumer.  While it may seem like there are so many same-day delivery service companies doing the same thing at the moment, they actually are not. Not all same-day delivery is the same.

Deliv CEO Daphne Carmeli wrote a piece in Wired outlining three clear segments that are developing and, while they are related, they run on totally different dynamics. The three segments are 1) restaurants, 2) groceries and 3) online retail shopping. Carmeli explains how each works and why they shouldn’t be confused or even compared.

View the full Wired article here.


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