How same day delivery can work for you and your customers

same day delivery

Billions of dollars are spent every year on products and goods. From online shopping to classic brick and mortar, consumers are shelling out cash in exchange for clothes, groceries, and everything else that makes up our material lives.

What consumers tend to overlook—but a factor retailers and manufacturers are well aware of—is the numerous touchpoints it took to get the consumer their purchase; factories, shipping vehicles, distribution centers, retailer locations, and delivery fleets all make up one long supply chain that leave shoppers pleased.

Technology has granted the business of logistics enormous improvements in tracking and visibility, and proprietors of the supply chain are beginning to take advantage. It’s safe to say that same day delivery, an option that 80% of consumers expect, isn’t only for consumers.

Here are a few ways retailers are using same day delivery to make their supply chain work for them and their customers.  

Direct to store Delivery

While Direct to Store delivery doesn’t receive the fanfare and headlines that consumer-facing delivery does, CPG brands have relied on the practice to fulfill products to grocers. With increased availability of granular fulfillment, DSD has become an increasingly popular solution for manufacturers and distribution centers to do product fulfillment.

As points further up the supply chain begin to use same day delivery for fulfillment, it enables companies to be faster and more responsive to their inventory fluctuations and consumers purchasing habits. Rather than having to wait for the next weekly delivery, or run a full truck out to replace a few cases of product, suppliers quickly replenish out of stocks same day  via Deliv. This dynamic fulfilment process keeps the right amount of product in stock for retailers—and ensures there will be product for the consumer.

While DSD has been popular amongst groceries for a decade, it is catching on with other fast-moving, high demand consumer products. Deliv’s same day delivery is perfectly suited for allowing expedited, granular fulfilment from warehouses to stores.

Inventory balancing

As transportations decrease with optimized routing, carpooling, and crowdsourcing, retailers are given more options when it comes to when and how they move their goods. For businesses with multiple brick and mortar stores, the idea of consistently balancing inventory between stores has always sounded like a costly endeavor.

Just as DSD fulfillment has become more granular, so has deliveries between stores. Businesses no longer have to invest in the vehicles or dedicate the time to moving goods between locations, instead relying on Deliv to do the delivering. This makes it affordable for stores to keep equal amounts of product at all their locations, ensuring that customers have the products and choices that they’ve come to expect.

Direct to consumer delivery

Offering choice and convenience has been a winning formula for retailers and, in recent years, that has meant adopting the delivery solutions that get product to consumers faster.

The 2-day delivery standard is quickly being surpassed by a preference for same day and on-demand delivery. Rather than relying on multi-day shipping from regional warehouses, many retailers have leveraged their in-store inventory to offer direct to consumer delivery. Other retailers leverage “darkstores” to keep inventory close to their customers.

Cutting out the traditional shipping services from the supply chain allows retailers to offer expedited delivery, greater product turn, an improved customer experience, and ultimately increase brand loyalty.

Deliv allows retailers to tap into the nation’s largest same-day delivery network and begin to leverage the power of same day delivery with just a few clicks. You can book a delivery today on or contact us to discuss our enterprise offerings.

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