Same Day Courier Service For You

Have you ever been sitting in traffic, running the errands that keep you busy all day, and thought, “I wish someone else was doing this.” Well, good news: It has never been easier to use a same day courier service. Deliv lets you outsource your tedious tasks.

We handle delivery, giving you more time for doing what you enjoy.

Rather than spending your time shuffling items around town, Deliv’s transportation platform makes local, good transportation more accessible than ever. Flowers to a significant other? Important documents across town? Deliv will deliver what you want, where you want.

We’ve distilled four of the core benefits of using Deliv––the same day courier just for you.

Easy Scheduling

Users are able to schedule deliveries with ease and flexibility. With a quick quote tool and streamlined sign up process, shipping your goods across town is now only a few clicks away. Users can get their goods to where they need to be on time with the ability for both scheduled and rush deliveries.

Our entire platform is built with the intention of being a simple delivery solution for everyone from businesses to individuals. The latest transportation technology makes the logistics of delivery simpler for everyone.

Package tracking

Same day courier services have come a long way over the past few years. Previously, opting for a courier company involved some degree of trust in what were frequently not the most reliable of services. Once your package was picked up, you couldn’t know its whereabouts until it was delivered.

With our real-time tracking tool, users can take solace in knowing exactly where their packages are while en route to their destination.

Flexible Pricing

Deliv requires no subscription fee or monthly fee, only charging you for the deliveries you make––whether it’s once a year or three times a day. We’re simply a helping hand that’s continuously available to meet your delivery needs with affordability and ease. Our flexible pricing model adjusts to the distance of your delivery to make sure you’re not paying any more than you need to.

Core Competency

Same day delivery is a hot commodity nowadays, with companies clamoring to deliver everything from fresh food to marijuana.

At Deliv, we’re veterans of the delivery industry. For over four years, we’ve been developing and implementing the highest quality of same day delivery. The platform we’ve created was for you––and we’re more than confident that our service stands above the rest.

Are you looking for same day courier service? Look no further—we’re Deliv.


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