Why Rx Needs Same Day Delivery

Staying healthy is important to all of us.

Exercising, eating right, getting proper sleep—there’s a lot that we can do ourselves to ensure our body is remaining healthy. For millions of Americans prescription drugs are an essential piece of that puzzle—and the size of the Rx industry reflects that.

Last year, consumers were projected to spend $360.1 billion on prescription medication, with researchers predicting that this number could reach as much as $610 billion by 2021. The ill, elderly, and everyone else needing prescriptions are contributing to a massive industry that is well behind the times when it comes to convenience.

Deliv Rx brings the accessibility of same day delivery to an industry that is in absolute need of it, allowing pharmacies to conveniently deliver prescriptions directly to consumers’ doors. Taking the wait out of pharmacies will make staying healthier, easier for millions. Here are 3 statistics to reflect just that.

Billions of prescriptions are fulfilled in store every year

There are approximately 4 billion prescriptions dispensed in the U.S. every year, and the large majority of them are filled at the 60,000 retail pharmacy locations around the country. From Walgreens to local pharmacies, millions of Americans take time out of their busy schedules to pick up the prescriptions they need.

We think this is an antiquated process and, when it comes to consumers’ health, time matters.

The fact that the ill and elderly have no option but to leave their homes to receive the medicine they need to stay in good health is a far cry from the on-demand nature of nearly every other service in our lives.

The average wait time is 45 minutes for traditional Rx

And this number is conservative! Reports pin this wait time at a number of different levels; after factoring in the time it takes for consumers to drive to the nearest pharmacy, wait at the counter, and drive back home, some reports estimate it to be as high as 2.1 hours.

Even with the conservative estimate of a 45 minute wait, the amount of time consumers collectively spend waiting for prescriptions is enormous.

Consumers spend two thousand centuries every year waiting for prescriptions

If 60% of the 4 billion prescriptions are fulfilled in-store, and each of those trips takes 45 minutes, consumers spend upwards of two thousand centuries having their prescriptions fulfilled every year.

Deliv Rx aims to reduce that time, allowing pharmacies to simply and conveniently offer same day delivery and for consumers to receive their prescriptions at home. If your pharmacy can benefit from same day delivery, you can sign up and get a quote by clicking here.

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