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In today’s retail environment, companies are constantly trying to gain an edge. Offering a superior customer experience is often the best way, but how can you do that without breaking the bank?

Same day delivery is a fascinating answer to that question.

Customers are quickly becoming accustomed to receiving items when and where they want, making same day delivery one of the best ways to differentiate your business from the competition. If that weren’t reason enough, same day delivery can actually help your business save money.

This works in two ways:

First, traditional local delivery is expensive. Our service allows businesses to plug into dynamic transportation networks with no overhead. Instead of investing in your own delivery routes or paying for post office shipping, our Deliv drivers handle all of your local deliveries––from your store to the customer’s door.

Second, it’s no secret that keeping your customers satisfied saves you money. Not offering an expedited delivery option leaves you vulnerable to your customers deciding to take their business elsewhere. A recent study by Internet Retailer found that nearly 20% percent of customers consider delivery time when making a purchasing decision.

With new customer acquisition costing 5-10x more than retaining existing companies, it’s easy to see why keeping your current customers happy is a winning strategy for the future. Our customers have seen these effects first hand.

“Deliv removed the burden of deliveries with just a few clicks. The delivery windows are very convenient for our customers. The ability to track deliveries is a huge benefit. Deliv has helped us grow our business by saving us time and money while enabling us to offer a better customer experience.” —Hiro U., Owner, Utsuwa Floral Design

With affordable delivery solutions and happy customers, there’s only upside to integrating Deliv into your daily business. Schedule a Deliv today and experience the magic of same day delivery!


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