How retailers can work like Amazon

retailers can work like amazon

There’s something we need to talk about…

Let’s discuss the 460 billion dollar elephant that occupies the room of every retail store and mom & pop shop in the US: Amazon.

The Seattle-based e-commerce company has been snowballing into an omnichannel retail monster, disrupting any industry from grocers to pharmaceuticals that it finds vaguely interesting. Their recent announcement of Seller Flex, a delivery service for third-party merchants, is Amazon’s latest attempt to own another piece of their—and their merchants—logistics process.

Amazon’s ability to offer services to 3rd party sellers, whether it be an ecommerce presence or delivery logistics, has allowed the company to use their position as a supplier to lever up their own business. We’ve seen retailers continue to develop a dependency on Amazon’s platform, only to wake up one day to find Amazon as their biggest competitor.

So what’s the best alternative for retailers? Partnering with 3rd party services allows retailers to act like Amazon almost overnight!

You can read more of the piece here.

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