Is your retail business fast enough?

It’s no secret that the commerce industry is quickly prioritizing speed.

Having put expedited delivery and flexibility at the foreground of their customer experience, Amazon has reset the standard for the amount of time consumers expect to receive their goods.

As their subscribers grow more accustomed to Amazon’s standard two-day delivery, fewer shoppers are satisfied with shipments that take any longer to arrive. According to a study by Deloitte, only 42 percent of shoppers consider 3-4 day shipping “fast”––a drastic drop from the 63 percent that said it was only a year ago. If that weren’t enough, more than half of millennials have begun to expect same day delivery! Consumers’ heightened expectations for quick delivery are a byproduct of Amazon pushing the limits of the online retail experience.

This effect is further compounded by Amazon’s Prime Now service, which they’ll continue to roll out across the country. Today, 40 percent of the nation’s population is within 20 miles of an Amazon fulfillment center. Five years ago, that number was merely 5 percent.

The growth in Amazon’s delivery reach only shows that delivery speed won’t be slowing anytime soon. In fact, research done by McKinsey suggests that 20% of all parcel deliveries will be done same day by 2020.

The trend here is simple: retail is becoming faster and more agile than ever before––and businesses are quickly finding ways to adapt.

Luckily, retailers with a brick and mortar presence already have an advantage over pure play e-commerce competitors: their physical stores. Rather than having a central warehouse for inventory, retailers have their product spread throughout their physical locations and therefore much closer to their customers. These conditions put retailers in the perfect position to adopt Deliv and offer a superior, same day delivery experience for their customers.

We’re quickly moving towards a future of ultra-fast retail and same day delivery is the flagship service of that movement. Make sure your retail business is keeping up with the speed of delivery and, in turn, the speed of the industry!

Power same day delivery directly from your website or network of stores with Deliv’s Enterprise Offering or book a delivery from your store today with Deliv’s Small Business offering!

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