The tools to reduce the risk of package theft

With the ever-increasing popularity of e-commerce, shoppers have been interacting with companies and brands in completely new ways. We’re just a few computer clicks away from over 50 billion items that are sold online and with that comes a drastically different shopping experience.

While convenience and choice have largely benefited consumers, e-commerce has introduced some new challenges for retailers and consumers apart. Customers have moved away from in-store shopping, opting instead to have items delivered. With the increase in home deliveries and a lack of simple secure delivery solutions, package theft and ‘porch piracy’ is on the rise. 

The Stats

According to Ring, a tech-enabled doorknob and home security company, nearly 1 in 5 homeowners have fallen victim to package theft in the last year. Studies have shown that package theft increases during the holiday season, as there are simply more packages up for grabs.

Traditional package delivery hasn’t kept up with the convenience of online shopping; consumers can purchase whenever and wherever they want, but they don’t often have control over when their items are delivered. A study by August Home Inc found that 75% of packages are stolen during the day while people aren’t home and their items are left on the doorstep.

The Solution

While traditional parcel delivery hasn’t quite kept pace with the security and convenience of e-commerce, Deliv partners are able to offer the tools for consumers to know exactly when and where they’ll be getting their packages.

With Deliv, retailers can offer shoppers scheduled delivery windows as narrow as 1 or 2 hours, making it far more manageable for a shopper to make sure they’re available to get the package. Our real-time package tracking lets shoppers see exactly where their delivery is while it’s en route. 

Alongside the features that can provide basic assurance for shoppers, any retailer using Deliv’s same day delivery platform can offer even more flexibility and security for consumers. Retailers can select whether a signature is required at drop off. Shoppers can leave package delivery instructions for drivers to leave tucked away in case they aren’t home and even have packages redirected to an alternate locations in case their plans change.

For extra home security, Deliv and August Home just announced a partnership  that allows packages to be dropped off just within the door of a customer’s home. Contact the Deliv team to find out more about the future of in-home delivery.

Retailers can begin offering same day delivery today through our simple sign up process. To power delivery through your website, contact us to learn more about our API-integration. Safe delivering!

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