Get Productive!


At Deliv, we make local delivery our business, so you have more time to handle yours.

Rather than having to spend your day shuffling items around town, you can focus on doing what’s most important to you.

We do this because we’re passionate about saving you time and helping you be more productive. But aside from delivery, how can you make the most out of every day?

We’ve created a short list of some of our favorite productivity hacks––chrome extensions, daily habits, you name it––these tips will ramp up your productivity in no time!

Computer Practices

Most of us spend enormous amounts of time in front of our computers every day and, while some of us may be hesitant to admit it, it is not always in the most productive ways. There’s tons of chrome extensions and online services that can help us button-up our online efforts to make them that much more productive.

Streak CRM is an amazing Gmail plugin that lets you organize the chaos that your inbox can often become. Onetab is for those of us who may become a little too liberal with their tab-opening habits. The program lets you collapse all your open tabs into one, making them easier to manage and keeps your computer operating faster. Finally, Grammarly is a spell checker that corrects your grammar in emails, comment sections––wherever!

Task Management

When you’re doing what you enjoy, you’re often at your most productive. While this may seem obvious, many of us get hung up on menial tasks that someone else is often better at doing. Delegating to ensure you are doing the tasks you’re best at can be a huge benefit to your productivity––for you and those around you.

An interesting idea when it comes to delegation is using Fiverr. Are your mediocre Photoshop skills slowing down that logo mock-up? Or are you struggling with Facebook ad targeting? There are thousands of people on Fiverr who can do those for you at an incredibly affordable rate.

Sleep / Hydrate / Exercise

Many people confuse ‘productivity’ with long days of grueling work, but in reality, the best way to be productive is to have balance. Studies show that proper meals and a regular sleep schedule can make the hours you do work that much more productive. Similarly, rather than having that midday cup of coffee to kickstart your work routine, drinking water throughout the day can leave you just as energized.

So after you’ve saved yourself the time and energy of local deliveries with Deliv, adopt a couple of these hacks, and you’ll be well on your way to peak productivity. Schedule a Deliv today!

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