Print on Demand: Consider your time saved

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Have you ever ended a busy day, looked down at your half-checked to do list, and thought: where did all the time go?

We have too.

Everyone has 24 hours in a day in the same way that everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time—it’s ubiquitous. From business owners to small children, time remains a finite resource and, therefore, a precious one. So it’s not a good thing when we finish our days wondering where we’ve dedicated our time.

From retailers delivering items to automotive shops moving parts between locations, an enormous amount of time is spent transporting items around town. Deliv was created to make transporting goods easier, more accessible, and cheaper. We’re focused on removing the monotony of transporting goods so that you can focus on doing the things that you enjoy.

Consider your time saved.

Our latest effort to save people time comes from expanding on our “Print on Demand” service with The UPS Store, increasing our same day delivery offer from 180 UPS Store locations to 977 in 19 markets.

Need last minute flyers printed for your event? Or pamphlets for your impromptu board meeting? Or maybe you just want to be assured that your printed goods are exactly where they need to be, days before the events.

Either way, Deliv and The UPS Store have teamed up to remove the friction of the typical printing experience. Placing an order, driving to pick up your items, and driving back has been distilled into a few button clicks online—Deliv and The UPS store handle the rest.

David Lee, Vice President of Product Development and Print Services for The UPS Store explains it well when he says, “Small business customers in particular have benefited from our ability to offer professional printing services to them quickly, wherever they may be.”

Enabling Small Businesses

Our UPS Store  partnership is the latest in a long string of announcements concerning our efforts to assist small businesses compete in a rapidly changing commerce industry.

Consumers have begun to expect a heightened level of convenience and a variety of different delivery options. According to Recode, 56% of 18-34 year olds expect to have a same day delivery option when purchasing items.

Rather than investing in drivers and vehicles to accommodate these expectations, businesses and individuals can plug into Deliv’s system and meet those expectations one delivery at a time—no setup or subscription fees.

To experience the benefits of same day delivery, you can schedule a Deliv today. Contact us to learn about our Enterprise API-integration.

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