Print and Deliver: Office Supplies are on the way

office supplies

Imagine this: you’ve finally managed to gather the smartest people you know around the same table, you have a couple hours, a large whiteboard, and you’re poised to distill the best company presentation ever created. You’ve bunkered down for a long night of brainstorming until, all of a sudden, you come to a startling realization:

Your printer is out of ink.

The brilliant ideas you’re about to scribble across that whiteboard are never going to be formalized in keynote and printed for your presentation. You’re at the end of the line, and sure, you could make a run for a printer cartridge—but who knows where the creative energy will be post-office supply store run?

Having the time to do what you enjoy

We’ve all been in similar situations; unable to spend the time we want doing the things we enjoy because we’re hampered by the tedious and time consuming details of what it takes to simply be able to do those things.

In the case of the missing ink, there’s a solution: Office Depot is now offering Same-Day Delivery. Powered by Deliv, Office Depot will be slowly rolling out the option to offer all your office supply necessities on-demand from its 1,100 brick and mortar locations.

So that boardroom jam session that seemed to be falling off the tracks? It’s now saved by the convenience of same day delivery. Whatever it is that makes your job easier, whether it be printing materials or secretarial supplies, Office Depot has it at just a delivery away. So while you’re rounding out the last essential piece of your all-night workathon, throw in a few extra notebooks, some dry erase markers, and rest assured—it’ll be on the way in no time.

Everything, more convenient

Offering same day delivery is just another small step in making both businesses and shoppers more productive. From using virtual assistants to using automation software, businesses have used the latest tools to make their jobs easier and more efficient. Driving around town to deliver items is an expensive time investment, making partnering with a same day delivery partner an inexpensive way to focus on the core business.

The same logic applies for consumers. Rather than needing markers for a corporate meeting, mothers may need toys for their kids or the elderly may need pharmaceuticals without having to drive. The idea of consumers getting what they want, when they want is only becoming more commonplace, with 56% of younger shoppers expecting same day delivery as an option.

Same day delivery simply puts products closer to people—and everyone wins.

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