Package tracking: 5 reasons it’s important to you and your customers


The days of needing to have blind faith in our couriers are long behind us!

Package Tracking

With the latest in delivery technology, Deliv offers a real-time package tracking tool that gives you full insight into your goods while they’re en route. Retailers will love it just as much their customers!

We’ve pulled together 5 clear benefits that will have you clamoring to adopt a same day delivery service today.

1. Tracking ensures accountability

Since the beginning of business, when people began trading goods and practicing commerce, there has been one consistent way of ensuring your transaction goes smoothly: be accountable.

Your customers are trusting you to deliver a product or service in exchange for their hard earned money and, if you’d like them to continue doing so, it’s best to alleviate any stress they may be feeling.

There isn’t a single customer that doesn’t wait eagerly after making an online order––there is almost always some level of uncertainty. Offering same day delivery with the ability for your customers to know exactly where their product ensures your service is transparent and reliable.

2. Creates trust and confidence

One of the many byproducts of being reliable is your customers developing confidence in your service. Same day delivery has seen a meteoric soar in the past couple years, but, because it’s so new, it’s more important now than ever to be building customers’ trust in the service.

That brief time between a customer’s purchase and the item’s delivery is a period where consumer trust is won and loss––make sure it’s the former!

UPS’s 2016 Pulse of the Online Shopper review attests to the importance of providing new, reliable services. Customers are beginning expecting flawless fundamentals at nearly every step of the way—flexible delivery choices, more control and more convenience.

3. Allows consumers to plan accordingly

Everyone appreciates convenience. By definition, our lives are easier when things are convenient––and your customer experience should be no different. Package tracking allows people to know exactly where the package is when en route, allowing them to plan their day accordingly.

Many studies have supported this belief. According to another piece of UPS research, 83% of shoppers considered knowing when a package would arrive as the most important service.

4. Avoids unnecessary calls to customer support

Everyone has heard the horror stories of customer service. Upset customers, frustrated employees––no one wins in that situation. Providing the transparency of package tracking solves all these issues. Customers take solace in seeing the goods being delivered in real-time and employees don’t have to dedicate valuable time comforting frantic customers.

5. Ensures detailed log reports of shipping

Recording and documenting the details of your orders and shipments are essential in understanding the benefits of offering delivery. Partnering with Deliv to provide same day delivery allows you the deep insight gained from real-time tracking into the deliveries your business is making. This information helps you to avoid confusion and streamline the shipment process.

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