Omnichannel Retail: Pure-play and Brick & Mortar

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Casper, the millennial-beloved company that made waves in the ecommerce industry by selling mattresses online, is turning to brick and mortar for further growth. After selling millions of dollars worth of bedding through clever Facebook advertising and podcast sponsorships, Casper recently announced a partnership with Target to take their online brand offline.

Casper is yet another name in the growing list of pure-play ecommerce companies to incorporate in-store presences for future expansion. Warby Parker, Bonobos, and Harry’s, all having created their brand exclusively online, have moved into physical locations and adopted an omnichannel approach to retail.

Stores have become the new black.

To unpack exactly what this trend means for retail, there are a few questions that need addressing.

What is pure-play ecommerce?

Enabled by growing confidence in online purchasing and the accessibility of online advertising, companies have been able to forego the costly investments of brick and mortar to offer an online-exclusive customer experience called pure-play e-commerce.

And for awhile, it worked really well.

Warby Parker disrupted the eyewear industry, Bonobos changed clothing, and Casper was able to convince customers to buy mattresses without ever seeing them. All of these offerings were based on extremely convenient customer experiences. Consumers could order almost anything and have it delivered within days—sometimes within hours.

So why turn to brick and mortar?

Pure-play ecommerce companies have quickly realized that the margins of selling online are simply not as high as expected. With an influx of e-tailers over the past few years, competition has dramatically increased the cost of advertising. Facebook’s average price per ad, for instance, has more than tripled since the start of 2014. Consider the fact that online retail only accounts for 10% of all shopping in the US, and you’ll quickly realize why adding brick and mortar to an omnichannel approach has become more enticing.

Has pure-play ecommerce changed brick and mortar retail?


The rapid adoption of ecommerce has only proven that operating an online store in conjunction with a physical location is essential to offering a well-rounded customer experience. Just as quickly as Casper is moving in stores, brick and mortar businesses are moving online. The omnichannel approach offers the convenience of e-commerce with the familiarity of brick and mortar—and the two play off each other nicely to meet consumer expectations.

Having quickly acclimated to the convenience of e-commerce, over half of consumers stated delivery speed was the an important factor in their decision to purchase.  This puts same day delivery at the forefront of almost any customer experience.

Offering Same Day Delivery

Partnering with Deliv allows companies to offer ultra-fast shipping by delivering items to consumers directly from their brick and mortar locations within hours of purchase. With the ease of scheduling deliveries from the small business accounts to the benefits of real-time location tracking, the smallest of companies can offer the seamless experience of same day delivery.

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