Office Employees Rejoice: 3 Ways to Outsource Your Work


We can all agree that we could use a little more time. The day to day office routine can often feel a bit hectic—but have no fear! Technology has made outsourcing the menial tasks that bog us down every day easier than ever. Here are a few of the most effective ways to change delivery.

  1. Virtual assistants for (almost) anything

Booking appointments with clients

Secretaries have been managing the logistics of client meetings and company functions for as long as office spaces have been around, but they’re often too expensive for the average entrepreneur or small business. Hiring virtual assistants from sites like FIverr or Upwork are an affordable way to outsource the more tedious tasks of your day to day work.

File Management

Is that dropbox folder getting a little out of hand? For many of us, sifting through the crammed folders and endless files in our years-old file management system is a daunting task. Managing that in addition to the pressing matters of your business can quickly become too much. This is another instance where, after doing a cost-benefit analysis, it may be an opportunity to invest in a VA to complete the task. At the end of the day, it can save you money and stress!

  1. Software for email management

Sending and receiving emails is often an essential part of any business, but it can often hinder productivity. According to research done by McKinsey, more than one-quarter of a worker’s day on average is spent managing their inbox, making it one of the largest time investments for employers.

Luckily, there are a number of options for minimizing the time it takes to manage that chaotic inbox. Salesforce preaches the importance of email filtering and spam filters. Taking the time to properly set up filters can immediately make your inbox more manageable, as messages can be sorted by keywords and topics. Services like Salesforce’s are a great way for businesses to get the full capabilities of filters, using software to leverage.

  1. Deliv for your transportation needs

Many businesses rely heavily on items traveling around town on a daily basis. Important paperwork, event supplies—you name it—it has to get to places on time, but driving around can be one of the inefficient uses of your time. Deliv is a dynamic delivery network that anyone can quickly plug into and utilize. With convenient scheduling windows and real-time tracking tools, Deliv is the simplest way to outsource your transportation needs.

Interested in becoming more efficient and letting Deliv handle your transportation needs? Get a free quote or book a Deliv today!

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