3 New Years Resolutions for Any Size Business

 2016 was an exciting year! From the Olympics to the presidential election, a lot happened in the past 360-something days. Needless to say, we all hope 2017 has something good in store for us all.


For many business owners, this time of year can bring about a lot of self-reflection. What worked and didn’t work for you last year? What changes can you make to improve for this year? While we were asking ourselves those same questions here at Deliv, we wrangled together a few of the resolutions we think are most important.

#1 Use That Data!

Data analytics can be a daunting task. The modern retail environment allows us to gather massive amounts of data on consumers, their behavior, and everything in between. While most retailers capture and use some sort of data, most of us can make it a resolution of ours to take our efforts to another step forward.

#2 Watch Macro Trends.

You know that saying, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer?” Well, it can be applied to retail as well. While one may argue that describing your industry competitors as ‘enemies’ may be exaggerated, the idea that you should be keeping an eye on macro market trends holds fast.  

The speed at which retail is changing no longer allows for businesses to make changes monthly or quarterly––understanding what’s happening on a daily business is vital to maintaining your place in the industry. Keeping an eye on trends also allows you to react to shifting conditions faster than your competition.

#3 Be More Efficient

Streamline your daily duties and have more time for doing the things you enjoy. Use the new year as an opportunity to try new innovative tools that help you and your customers become more efficient ––like same day delivery! In this day and age, people expect to be able to get things when and where they want, making same day delivery more important than ever. Whether you need to send documents across town or offer same day delivery to your customers, Deliv is a great way to be more efficient. Anyone can schedule a same day delivery with our offering for Small Business & Individuals.

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