Integrating Deliv with Shopify

We’re excited to be announcing a new partnership that will make offering and managing same day delivery easier than ever for online businesses. We’ve partnered with Zapiet to create an integration that will enable retailers running Shopify sites to seamlessly add scheduled same day deliveries as an option at check out. This enables online stores to offer on-demand deliveries and returns or custom scheduled delivery windows – today, tomorrow, or up to 30 days out.

With everyone from The New York Times to Walmart’s private brands having their e-commerce experiences built on Shopify, our new integration makes it fast and simple for thousands of retailers to offer their customers the latest in customer convenience.

How it works

To get started, contact our team at Deliv to set up your same day delivery account.

We’ll walk you through the features that come with partnering with the largest same day delivery network—real-time package tracking, affordable rates, and a helpful support team.

Then visit the Zapiet site and install Store Pickup + Delivery via the Shopify app store. The plug in allows online retailers to manage their delivery options – including serviceable zip codes, delivery times, blackout dates etc.  After installing Zapiet on your shopify store, you can plug in the agreed upon terms of your Deliv partnership and seamlessly integrate with your shopify store.

Custom Integration

Using the Zapiet plug-in, it is remarkably easy for retail partners to add and manage same day delivery services. Retailers can configure same day delivery settings to meet their specific needs. Key features include providing the ability to:

    • Configure multiple stores at the individual store level
    • Customize days and times of service
    • Set the length of scheduled delivery windows
    • Determine delivery distance
    • Set limits on how far in advance orders must be placed
    • Limit the number of orders that can be placed per delivery window
    • Establish blackout dates when the retailer is closed
  • Specify conditions, such as allowing deliveries for orders under a certain weight, over a determined price, and from a particular product type, collection, vendor or tag.

For consumers:

After a retailer partners with Deliv and integrates with Zapiet, their customers are given numerous options at checkout to receive their package exactly when they want. From on-demand deliveries to scheduling one up to 30 days out, Deliv + Zapiet gives shoppers the power of convenience and choice.

Once a consumer’s package is en-route, they can follow along with our real-time tracking tool, knowing exactly where their purchase is every mile of the way.

Options. Convenience. Assurance.

For retailers:

Our Zapiet integration doesn’t stop at making the lives of consumers easier! After consumers choose a delivery option, Zapiet’s helpful set of tools and features makes packaging and managing that delivery across outlets simple and convenient.

Integrated data and time picker

Zapiet’s tools allow for the most functionality available for Shopify stores  to manage local deliveries. Once a delivery is requested, retailers pick and choose which outlet is best based on location and easily schedule a delivery from the given store.

Deliv’s nearly 365 day of service and expansive market options make it an ideal delivery option for any last mile deliveries.

Advance Notice

Zapiet’s plugin will also send notifications depending on a retailer’s preference. The unique advance notice functionality makes managing, prepping and placing the orders for delivery a more structured and manageable process.

Offering Same Day Today

For online and omnichannel retailers looking to offer same day delivery from their e-commerce experience, you can read more about our Zapiet integration here. Additionally, you can follow this link for more information on our SMB offering and to get a quote on a same day delivery option.

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