Is delivery to the front porch on the way out? – Daphne Carmeli on Internet Retailer

With Amazon and Walmart competing to offer the highest customer experience, we’ve seen the delivery industry undergo dramatic change in the last few months. Expected shipping times have decreased from 5-7 business days to 2-day, same-day, and even 1-hour delivery. And while the speed of delivery has taken center stage in the modern shopping experience, the how and where packages are getting delivered has undergone equal change as well.

Amazon’s recent announcement of their in-home delivery program, Amazon Key, quickly follows Walmart’s announcement of a similar in-home delivery pilot program. Using smart locks, cloud technology, and mobile tracking, these programs aim to remove the pain points of delivery for consumers: inconvenience, monitoring, and package theft.

You can read the rest of Daphne’s contribution to Internet Retailer HERE.

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