The importance of returns for e-commerce

Retailers overlooking returns

While retailers are innovating everyday to increase sales and move inventory, many are overlooking the importance of their return policy. With over ⅓ of e-commerce purchases being returned, overlooking a hassle-free return policy could have a serious backlash on present and future sales.

E-commere returns have hovered at around 30% of of online purchases over the last few years. Even if that rate hasn’t changed, the increase in e-commerce sales that we’ve seen in the past few years increases the volume of returns.

The current online shopping experience.

Retailers have spent countless dollars researching and developing the most efficient way to get an online shopper through the checkout process. The results have yielded reduced cart abandonment rates and higher conversion rates.

But with the ease of online purchases comes a higher demand for returns. Customers have come to the conclusion that they want that process to be just as simple as the purchasing process—that the post-buying experience should be as convenient as the actual buying. Savvy retailers like Amazon, Nordstrom, and Zappos have been leading the pack, making returning almost as easy as purchasing.

Retailers are focusing on the immediate profit margins when they skirt the processes for easy returns, but they’re ignoring the benefits of increased brand loyalty, rate of repurchasing, and overall increase in customer lifetime value. Offering convenient returns can increase the likelihood of becoming a returning customer, but more importantly, it can mitigate the consequences of providing a poor experience. A study done by Zendesk found that 67% of consumers report a poor experience as their reason for churning and 85% wanted to warn friends about doing business with the company.

Returning with Deliv

While the Deliv platform has led the retail industry in delivering to customers, our network of drivers makes returning packages just as simple and convenient. Retailers can give the option for consumers to schedule a pick up of their package and a swift return back the brick and mortar store or warehouse from where it came.

The retail industry is quickly becoming defined by convenience. From wide selections to a variety of delivery options, consumers are becoming more accustomed to a seamless retail experience and returning items is an important piece of that. Sign up for Deliv today to offer same day delivery and convenient returns.

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