Your business is probably not investing enough in customer experience


We’re living in an explosive time for commerce, with pure-play e-commerce companies disrupting industries and traditional retailers scrambling to build out their digital presence. Throw in a few retail giants like Walmart and Amazon, and you’ll find yourself looking at an industry that’s become increasingly difficult to compete in.

Shopify, the e-commerce CMS platform that powers thousands of online businesses, is a perfect example for understanding the scale at which online businesses are evolving. In 2013, the company raised 100 million dollars while servicing 40,000 online stores. Today, Shopify powers well over 500,000 and is showing no signs of slowing.

With that level of competition, how can retailers cut through the noise? The answer is consumer experience—and most retailers aren’t investing enough in it.

At Deliv, we think about the consumer experience in 3 pieces.

1. Ease of Use


Nobody enjoys a frustrating experience—especially if the customer is paying money to do it. Whereas 10 years ago companies could get away with subpar customer service and cumbersome checkout flows, the level of competition has put the power back into the hands of consumers.

With Amazon having owned one click checkout for the past decade, consumers have become accustomed to extreme simplicity in online shopping—no clunky checkouts or hidden fees. Replicating that same ease across all aspects of the customer journey has never been more important for companies looking to acquire and retain customers.

2. Choice

In the same way that consumers have the ability to choose between brands and services, they’re looking for that same level of choice within each experience.

Price points, delivery options, color SKUs—consumers expect to get exactly what they want, when they want. Offering the choices to allow them that has become an essential piece of a pleasurable customer experience.

3. Convenience

While checkout processes should be simple and choices should be offered, making sure that the entire experience is convenient cannot be emphasized enough. Convenience has to be a top priority from step 1 to the final touchpoint you have with your consumer.

The difficulty is that convenience can appear different on a store-by-store basis. Where a brick and mortar retail spot can redesign their store layout, an e-commerce company may want to focus on the consistency of their products.

While there’s an initial cost to these kinds of reorganizations, taking a long look into how a business can offer a more convenient solution will pay dividends in the long run.

How Deliv Improves Customer Experience

Deliv was created as a solution for enterprise and small businesses alike to improve their customer experience. The need to offer expedited delivery has become a point of emphasis in this changing retail market, where 56% of millennial shoppers are expecting a same day delivery option.

The value of same day delivery is simple: consumers are able to choose how quickly their purchases arrive, and the direct-to-door service is as convenient as it can get. We’ve seen this increase purchase value, conversion rates and improve retention, creating a positive feedback loop for consumers and businesses.

Schedule a Deliv today to experience the benefits of same day delivery or Contact Us for information on our Enterprise API integration.

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