Same Day Delivery: Service v. Marketplace

Everything seems to be just a few clicks away nowadays. From local cuisine to our favorite retailers, all of our favorite items feel more within reach than ever before, often times being able to be delivered within hours.  While it all appears to be same day delivery, how items are purchased and delivered to us can vary greatly.

Same-day delivery has become a hot commodity in recent years as consumers begin to expect their needs to be met immediately. While retailers clamor to hop on the same day delivery train, it’s important that they consider exactly what their delivery needs are and how they’re being met before selecting a same day delivery partner.

There are two main types of delivery solutions: marketplaces and services.


This first type of delivery solution is a marketplace. Marketplaces like Amazon or DoorDash not only offer same day delivery, but control the seller’s interaction with the customer and, most importantly, pit those sellers against one another.

If someone wants to have food or clothes conveniently brought to them, they can check out a delivery marketplace, see all of the options alongside one another, and decide exactly what suits their fancy.

For consumers, this is great. It provides a variety of options and convenience. For retailers, it allows them to tap into the consumer demand generated by the marketplace. On the downside for retailers, opening up a new storefront in a hyper-competitive marketplace drives down prices and forces them to abandon their branded, customer experience.

If a retailer has a dedicated community of shoppers, offering a delivery solution through a marketplace simply creates opportunities for your customers to explore new options.

Delivery Services

The alternative to marketplaces is partnering with an outsourced delivery service like Deliv. Unlike a marketplace, offering same day delivery through a service allows retailers to control their customers’ experience.

With a delivery service, customers shop on the retailer’s branded website or app and select same day delivery at checkout.  They can select exactly when they want the package to arrive and get the full benefit of real time GPS tracking etc. Same day delivery services like Deliv integrate into the retailer’s e-commerce checkout process and receive the delivery orders directly from the retailer. This allows retailers to maintain control of their brand, experience, and customer data / transaction. 

With a same day delivery service, you are able to offer same day delivery directly to your customers, bridging the gap between your store and your customers’ door. Schedule a Deliv today or contact us to learn more about our Enterprise API integration!


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