Same day delivery by the numbers: 6 statistics you need to know

Local, same day delivery was once a logistical nightmare, leaving only a few companies with the resources to reliably send goods around town. That, however, has quickly changed and same day delivery is now accessible to just about anyone thanks to a new breed of companies such as Deliv.


Many businesses don’t realize how easy adopting a same day delivery solution can be for their business.

If you’re having doubts about whether providing same day delivery is important to your customers, these six delivery statistics make a compelling case that it’s not a trend you’ll want to be missing out on for long!

1. 80% of consumers want same day delivery 

A recent study by Temando found 80% of shoppers want same day delivery to be an option at checkout. And when it comes to millennials, nearly 56% of millennials expect same day delivery to be an option at checkout according to Recode. It seems like growing up in our on-demand everything culture has seeped into the younger generation’s delivery expectations.

2. 61% of shoppers want a faster delivery option—within 1-3 hours of placing an order

The same Temando study found that shoppers’ expectations have exceeded even that of same day, wanting their purchases to be delivered within a matter of hours. It should be no surprise that, with the ability to manage delivery logistics improving, customers have experienced ultrafast delivery in other industries, and this preference has begun to bleed over into retail.


3. 23% of consumers would pay a premium for same day delivery

screen-shot-2017-02-14-at-6-39-23-pmMcKinsey Consulting released a study recently on last mile logistics. In their research, they found that nearly a quarter of consumers are willing to pay a premium for same day delivery. This consumer trend makes having a solution for the last mile gap more important than ever.

Additionally, this percentage is expected to grow as younger consumers, 30% of whom are more inclined to choose same-day and instant delivery over regular delivery, become a larger portion of the consumer market.

4. Same day delivery expected to grow to 20-25% of package delivery by 2025

McKinsey’s research also predicts that same day delivery will make up a quarter of ALL package deliveries within the next decade. 

5. 51% of consumers want guaranteed delivery date

“Shipping between 3-5 days” simply isn’t cutting it anymore, with just over half the consumer population wanting a clear date for when their products will arrive according to UPS Pulse of Online Shopper. Same day delivery solves this problem.

6. 83% of online shoppers want package tracking

Also according to UPS Pulse of Online Shopper, 83% of online shoppers consider knowing when a package would arrive to be the most important factor. This strong preference makes choosing delivery solutions with reliable shipping and, even better, seeing their package travel in real-time. Same day delivery services like Deliv offer real time GPS tracking with all orders. 

All these statistics support one common trend: same day delivery is here to stay. Offering same day delivery has never been more important––and never more accessible. Stay on the cutting edge of commerce with Deliv. Anyone can book a delivery today or build the power of same day delivery directly into their website

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