Same Day Delivery For Everyone

Time is of the Essence, Time Flies, Beat the Clock. The English language is full of time-related idioms, and for good reason––time is important!


Whether you’re starting a retail business, busy cold calling prospects, or just relaxing with the family, we can all agree that we could use just a little more time.

Well, there’s good news: Deliv is here to help.  Deliv small business

We let you focus on handling your business because last mile delivery is ours.

We’ve made sending items across town easier than ever, leaving you more time to do the things that are important to you. Need paperwork sent to the office downtown? Or a bouquet of roses dropped off to a loved one? We’ve got you covered.

Rather than having to spend your day shuffling items around town, you can now send packages starting at just $11 – a fraction of traditional couriers or overnight mail. We only charge for the Delivs you schedule, leaving you with no overhead or hidden fees to deal with. We partner with the drivers, run the background checks, book the schedules, and provide customer support for all deliveries. 

We’ve simplified the process to make same day delivery just a click away.

After an easy online booking and credit card payment, we’ll pick up your package and deliver it within hours, letting you follow the delivery with our real-time GPS tracking tool.

Consider us another helping hand. Deliv for small business and individuals is currently servicing 17 markets.

Schedule a Deliv today! deliv small business





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