Deliv Rx: Next gen medical couriers

The transportation industry has been moving rapidly. Pun intended.

From ridesharing services to crowdsourced delivery, evolving technology has opened up numerous use cases for how people and packages are moved everyday. Where that technology is applied has helped inject efficiency and accessibility into numerous industries.

The latest disruption, Deliv Rx, brings efficiency and convenience to a 3 billion dollar medical courier industry.  Deliv has built a leading last mile delivery network across the country powering same day delivery for thousands of businesses across the country. Funding from Silicon Valley’s top investors and parcel shipping leader, UPS, makes Deliv a reputable and efficient partner and provider of transportation to an industry that will immediately benefit from it.

With the launch of Deliv Rx, pharmacies, hospitals, medical device companies, labs, nursing homes, and others can tap into the benefits of Deliv to rapidly and efficiently move items around town.

Expedited delivery for the medical industry

Going beyond the direct to consumer pharmaceutical industry, Deliv Rx is a B2B solution for hospitals, clinics, and other medical centers to efficiently deliver devices, documents, and medical equipment.

Whether supplies need to be transported between hospitals and physicians or device manufacturers and clinics, it’s essential that reliable handlers are there to make that delivery happen. Deliv Rx is even equipped to help veterinarians and pet pharmacies with their same day delivery needs.

For medical facilities, time is always of the essence. People’s health is in the hands of medical professionals, and getting them the equipment they need to be successful is important. Ensuring they’ll have this equipment on time is essential.

The benefits of Deliv Rx

Partners in the Deliv Rx program will be tapping into the leading last mile delivery network across the country, currently servicing over 4,000 business across 35 markets. With hundreds of drivers, an optimal routing system, and the existing expertise of having delivered millions of packages, Deliv Rx is the quickest, most efficient way to start moving packages across town

When it comes to transporting supplies with Deliv, members of the medical community will receive a delivery notification when the package is on its way and can follow the delivery in real time via GPS tracking. Deliv Rx includes all the features you need- signature capabilities, ID verification, customer dashboards etc. Clinics and hospitals can schedule and monitor deliveries on the Deliv platform for convenient deliveries, ensuring an optimal experience.

Partnering with Deliv

Deliv Rx provides a medical courier service eith the convenient delivery windows and package tracking of our core delivery platform. Sign up for Deliv Rx today to enjoy the convenient world of same day delivery.

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