Deliv powers same-day delivery for leading shopping platforms and e-commerce companies

Today Deliv announced several longstanding relationships with top shopping platforms and e-commerce companies. Deliv is best known for powering same-day delivery from the websites of leading omnichannel retailers like Macy’s, Best Buy, Bloomingdale’s, Kohl’s,, Williams-Sonoma and Walgreens. Over the last year, it has also been quietly powering delivery for many leading shopping platforms and e-commerce companies including Google Express, Farfetch, Casper, Handy, Plated, The Bouqs, Drync, Urban Stems, BloomThat and others. Retailers can tie directly into Deliv’s API so that deliveries are seamlessly passed to Deliv directly from the retailers’ websites.

Deliv‘s vision is to make last mile delivery ubiquitous by creating an asset-free logistics network and powering same-day delivery and returns for any business. The company is focused solely on the business of package delivery, making it unique in the last mile market as Deliv does not transport people, nor does it sell goods. Instead, Deliv works exclusively as a back-end same-day delivery service for businesses and can integrate directly into their enterprise ecommerce websites and inventory management systems so that companies never lose their direct connection to customers.

Deliv also stands out in the last mile logistics space because of its ability to offer scheduled deliveries for time-definite windows, now or in the future. Deliv’s data shows that when given the choice, the majority of customers choose scheduled deliveries later in the day vs on-demand within an hour, proving that predictability trumps speed with retail.

Deliv’s focus has proven to be a winning strategy with the nation’s top retailers, leading e-commerce players, and local merchants and businesses as we service more than 4,000 companies.

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