Deliv expands to over 35 markets and 1,400 cities nationwide!


We have exciting news for the future of convenient shopping and happy customers: We’ll be expanding our same day delivery service to 35 markets and 1,400 cities nationwide.

“We went from four to eight to 17 to 19 to 35 markets,” Daphne Carmeli said on Deliv’s growth. “In the early days it was a push on the Deliv side and now it’s a complete pull—retailers want to move. Their customers expect same-day delivery as a choice.”

From Best Buy to Macy’s to PetSmart, we’ve partnered with some of the largest retailers in the industry to help meet the same-day expectations of today’s shoppers. You can read our entire press release here. Or check a few of the places it’s been picked up around the web:

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  5. Business Insider

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