Deliv, delivery, and the messenger service you need

Messenger service, courier service, delivery company––whatever you want to call it. If you are looking for any of these, one thing is clear: you need someone to be taking your goods, packages, and paperwork to where they need to be and fast.


We all find ourselves busy at some time in our lives. Whether you’re at work, raising children, or investing in some artistic passion––maybe a combination of the three––you may not have time to spend running errands around town.

Without getting hung up on the taxonomy of “those who transport goods”, Deliv does exactly that: Deliver––simply, conveniently and reliably.

We’re a messenger service with the latest in transportation technology, a courier service with real-time package tracking capabilities, and a delivery company that provides an easy solution for all of your transporting needs.

Convenience of Same Day Delivery

Having a messenger service as reliable and easy to use as Deliv opens up a word of possibilities for anyone looking to transport goods locally. With our advanced platform, users can order rush delivery, shipping items within a couple of hours, or schedule future deliveries, ensuring packages arrive at a convenient time.

With a quick quote tool and simple online form, users can have their deliveries scheduled in just a few, brief moments. The streamlined sign-up process makes delivery more accessible than ever, whether you’re sending a dozen packages a day or just a few each year.

Transparent Pricing

To make same day delivery available to everyone, we had to create a system that only charges you when you’re having items delivered and for how far that delivery is. Our answer? Transparent pricing. No hidden fees. 

With no subscription fees, there is no downside to creating an account and keeping delivery a few clicks away at any moment. Prices fluctuate with the distance of the delivery, ensuring that you’re not paying a dollar more than you need to for your specific delivery.

Real Time GPS Tracking

In todays day and age, you expect to know where your package is at all times. We offer real time GPS tracking with all orders.

A New Messenger Service

Our technological developments and advanced logistics platform make the traditional messenger service more efficient, affordable, and reliable. Our focus at Deliv is to offer a delivery solution for you; one that allows you more time for what you’re passionate about because we’re passionate about delivery.


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