Deliv, August, and Walmart Pilot the Future of Delivery Inside Your Home

Consumers have begun to expect the highest level of convenience, from seamless online experiences to 2-day, same-day, and even as fast as 1 hour  delivery. At Deliv, we’ve made it our mission to equip businesses of any size with the ability to meet these expectations and, in turn, make the lives of consumers even easier.

Today, we’re pleased to announce an exciting new pilot that goes above and beyond in that mission. Deliv, Walmart, and smart lock company, August, have teamed up to go beyond doorstep delivery and introduce in-home delivery. The new pilot, being rolled out in the SF Bay area, allows them to have deliveries placed securely inside consumers’ homes, and if the order includes groceries, directly into their refrigerator.

There’s likely been a time when you were concerned about missing your package delivery—of your groceries sitting in the sun and your latest package exposed on the porch. We don’t believe that should be a concern of yours. We’ve previously solved this issue with customer-scheduled deliveries, but an in-home solution is now a perfectly seamless experience. Imagine returning home to have your packages sitting safely inside your home and your groceries at perfect temperature in your refrigerator.

We’re now providing a delivery experience where people can be assured that everything can get done, even when they aren’t there home.

What this means for Delivery

We’ve always provided same-day delivery, and made the value of direct-to-door service available to businesses, but our latest test innovates even further. We’ve moved past the customer’s door quite literally and can now deliver directly into the homes of consumers.

Shoppers now have the choices of Walmart’s entire e-commerce selection, the convenience of same-day delivery with Deliv, and the security of knowing your packages are tracked and monitored safely with August.

You can learn more about the pilot program and the details of the delivery process on Walmart’s blog Here.

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