5 Creative Ways To Use Same Day Delivery

same day delivery

Same day delivery isn’t necessarily new, but it’s a hot commodity nowadays and more accessible than ever.

The ability to deliver items across town within hours has opened up tons of possibilities for companies and individuals alike, leading to some fascinating use cases.

Here are a few of our favorite ways people are using Deliv everyday.

Pure Play E-commerce

We service a number of companies that are revolutionizing the way we traditionally think of retail. These companies have transcended the need for brick and mortar stores, instead opting for an online-only presence that operates with fulfillment centers and the transportation network of Deliv.

Google Express and Far Fetch is a great example of this business model, allowing consumers to search and buy online and have their goods delivered right to their doorstep, circumventing the need to even step outside.

Delivery Kitchens

Similar to e-tailers, there’s been a growing trend in food delivery services bypassing the traditional brick and mortar store. Companies like Plated and Green Blender ship food directly to the homes of their customers. Rather than having to package food to remain cold for regular two day shipping, these companies can leverage same day delivery to save money on packaging costs, instead only having to package cold food for a few hours.

Flowers On Demand

One of the most popular use cases for Deliv is for flower delivery. Consumers want their bouquets freshly cut and delivered quickly, making the flower delivery business difficult to manage. Before Deliv, florists were forced to hire drivers and rent trucks, making a costly investment in delivery networks necessary to servicing their own orders.

High Volume Businesses

Have you ever had one of those “this paperwork needed to be there yesterday” moments? Hopefully not, but many PR agencies and law offices are predicated on sending important paperwork around town quickly. Thinking beyond paperwork, many fashion companies have replaced their underpaid, overworked interns with delivery networks to move clothing around town.

Busy Individuals

People are busy. So the more ways they can efficiently distribute their responsibilities, the better. The accessibility of same day delivery gives people one less thing to worry about––whatever that may be––and people are taking advantage! Airbnb renters can use Deliv to drop off keys to their renters; Stay at home parents can just about anything sent around town without having to drag their kids out of the house.  

All in all, Deliv is focused on making the transportation of goods accessible and affordable for everyone, allowing companies and individuals to focus on whatever it is that they do best.

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