Innovating on the Courier Service: How Deliv Improves Same Day Delivery

It was 490 BC when a young Pheidippides was asked to run 25 miles on foot from Marathon, Greece to Athens to deliver the news of the Athenians having defeated the Persians. While his trek has been commemorated by the length of the marathon, it also makes Pheidippides one of the most important courier services in history.

2,500 years later and courier services are still an integral part of how we move goods around, although, thankfully, we no longer rely on foot speed to make deliveries.

Most courier services have graduated from the original, marathon-runner method, incorporating everything from cyclists to subway riders to drivers when it comes to local delivery. But even with these advancements––as helpful as they may be to local deliveries––there is plenty of room for improvement.

The traditional courier service can often be inefficient. Many don’t take online orders, forcing you to call a receptionist who directs your order to a courier, who eventually picks up your package. With few companies offering shipment tracking, there’s no telling where your package is once it’s en route. Is that really how you want to send your important goods?

Deliv has made huge strides in streamlining local good transportation.

With our offering for Small Business and Individuals, we’ve taken the intricacies of local delivery and moved them onto an intuitive web and mobile platform. Having the latest transportation technology offered with affordable, breakthrough pricing, moving items around town has never been more accessible or affordable for local businesses and individuals.

Scheduling a Deliv is as easy as filling out a brief form online. An optimized route is then created through our platform and automatically alerts one of our drivers. As your package is being delivered, you can track it with a real-time GPS tracking tool, giving you the reassurance of knowing exactly where your delivery is.

Stop delivering like Pheidippides and schedule a Deliv––you’ll wonder why anyone would deliver any other way.

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