Click & Mortar: Is the future of retail omnichannel?


Retailers had become enamored with pure-play ecommerce––quick to dub the innovative business model the ‘future of retail’ only a few years ago.

Pureplay E-commerce

While companies like Warby Parker and Bonobos have seen astronomical success with the vertically integrated, digitally native brands, starting their retailer companies with an almost exclusive e-commerce approach, many experts have been shifting their projections for the future of retail.

The pure-play e-commerce strategy has been quickly realized as being unsustainable with long-term growth. Warby Parker has quickly begun opening physical locations with undeniable results: their revenue per square foot is the highest in the commerce industry. Similarly, Bonobos opened their Ninja locations, providing physical spaces for their customers to try on and feel their clothes.

This shift from brick and mortar stores to pure play e-commerce has quickly moved in the other directions, with companies finding that omnichannel approach allows them to capture the best of both worlds.

Click & Mortar

The idea behind click and mortar retail comes from a number of different perspectives.

While online retail is convenient for customers and often cost effective for brand’s inventory management, people simply aren’t ready to surrender their need to touch and feel certain items. The consumer market is simply not ready to purchase items like clothing and furniture without having some physical interaction with them.

This consumer behavior, as many behaviors are, is not applicable across the entire market. For customers still willing to purchase items online, brick and mortar stores still function as an asset. Some may say stores are the new black.

While serving as space to display items, physical stores are able to double as warehouses, saving retailers money and shipping time. With the advancement in inventory management software, companies are able to know exactly what items are in which locations and are put in the perfect position to offer expedited delivery to online shoppers near a physical location.

This is where Deliv comes in. By integrating our same day delivery solutions, retailers are able to capitalize on their omnichannel strategy and offer same day delivery in a seamless way.

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