Choosing a Same Day Delivery Service: 6 Things To Consider

Whether you need to deliver items across town twice a year or dozens of times a week, choosing a same day delivery service can be a major decision. Deciding on a third party to get your important packages to where they need is no small task. We’ve put together a list of 6 considerations to make when choosing the perfect same day delivery service for you.


1. Delivery strengths.

Having a trusted partner who can get your items across town within hours can save you both time and money, but how do you decide who’s best? Consider whether same day package delivery is the company’s main business – you want to make sure that your customers are everyone’s top priority.

Keep in mind, not all delivery is the same. Read more as to why delivering packages, groceries and restaurant food require different expertise.


2. Reliability and quality.

Offering same day delivery can be a critical selling point for your company. But if you make the too-often-made mistake of hiring an unreliable service, the selling point can quickly become your biggest caveat. While studies show that consumers are becoming more expectant of quick delivery options, an unreliable service can quickly destroy customer trust.


3. An understanding of your business.

Depending on your needs, you may be dealing with this delivery service frequently––daily, even. Can you imagine the headache of dealing with people who don’t understand your industry? Make sure to research whether the company has experience delivering for your industry.


4. On your schedule.

Depending on what type of company you are, your customers may demand a certain delivery speed. Ask whether the local delivery company can offer scheduled deliveries, on demand deliveries, anytime today deliveries or all options.


5. Regional footprint.

If you have more than one store, is the same day delivery company in all of the markets that you want to service? Working with multiple last mile delivery companies across markets can become cumbersome quickly.


6. The customer experience.

You may normally be in a situation where you’re dealing with customers constantly, but in this case, you’re the customer. Is there a person that you or your customers can call if they have a question? Does the company offer real time GPS tracking so you know where your items are at all times? Can you choose to pay by credit card or invoice? Can they set up multiple users per account?


At Deliv, our core competency is transporting your goods in the simplest way possible. From top to bottom, Deliv was built as a delivery solution that is convenient and flexible to fit your needs. From easy scheduling, delivery windows, the option of rush delivery or scheduled––we offer you best in class tools. Deliv goes above and beyond when it comes to reliability, offering convenient package tracking that allows you and your customers to know exactly where your goods are. Our customer service reps are always just a call away. We also have one of the largest same day delivery footprints, currently servicing 18 major markets.


Schedule a Deliv today, or contact us and see why leading national retailers like Macy’s, Best Buy and PetSmart as well as thousands of local businesses have chosen to partner with Deliv.


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