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Deliv Rx: Next gen medical couriers

The transportation industry has been moving rapidly. Pun intended. From ridesharing services to crowdsourced delivery, evolving technology has opened up numerous use cases for how people and packages are moved everyday. Where that technology is applied has helped inject efficiency and accessibility into numerous industries. The latest disruption, Deliv Rx, brings efficiency and convenience to a 3 billion dollar medical… Read more →

Valentines delivery

Last minute gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Gifts We all live busy lives, so when Valentine’s Day—or any other holiday—falls on a Wednesday, it can become difficult to juggle everything. Luckily, we’ve partnered with top retailers to provide thousands of gifts with the convenience of same day delivery. Whether you’re planning days ahead or running a few days behind, these gifts can all be ordered… Read more →

same day delivery

5 Creative Ways To Use Same Day Delivery

Same day delivery isn’t necessarily new, but it’s a hot commodity nowadays and more accessible than ever. The ability to deliver items across town within hours has opened up tons of possibilities for companies and individuals alike, leading to some fascinating use cases. Here are a few of our favorite ways people are using Deliv everyday. Pure Play E-commerce We… Read more →