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Can Same Day Delivery Reduce Packaging Waste?

Over the past decade, we’ve become especially aware of the waste that we’re creating and leaving on a daily basis. Cities have outlawed plastic bags, recycling has increased, and composting has seen an uptick in popularity. We’ve all likely adopted some waste-saving habit, whether that be separating our water bottles or taking a conservative approach to our printing habits, but… Read more →

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B2B marketing: The key to using personalization

If you want to be successful in B2B marketing, one thing is clear: you have to know what you’re talking about. This becomes difficult when dealing with businesses in a variety of industries, but there are ways to ensure you sound like the professional you are. Personalization is essential. Whether you’re a medical equipment supplier or a PR Agency, you… Read more →

Same Day Courier Service For You

Have you ever been sitting in traffic, running the errands that keep you busy all day, and thought, “I wish someone else was doing this.” Well, good news: It has never been easier to use a same day courier service. Deliv lets you outsource your tedious tasks. We handle delivery, giving you more time for doing what you enjoy. Rather… Read more →