Is your business wasting time?


Time is money.

The first documentation of this phrase was in a letter from Benjamin Franklin to a young salesman. Despite being coined in the 1700s, it is no less true today than it was three centuries ago.

The idea of opportunity costs serves as the foundation of the phrase. Because the way we choose to use our time is not only a decision to do something, but a decision to not do anything else. The value of that ‘something else’ is the cost we’re paying not to do it. Ideally, what you decide to do will be worth more than what you’ve decided not to—net benefit.  

Some situations make it easy to understand this concept. If you decide to go to the beach instead of the office, then you won’t be working and, one can only assume, you won’t be getting paid—and if time can be money, then you’ve chosen to lose that money.

Where the lines begin to gray is when we begin to think about how we’re spending our time at work. Theoretically, every bit of effort is contributing in some way to the greater business, generating revenue or creating the framework we need to make money.

How to make the most of your time

Making decisions that maximize the benefit of the work you’re doing is the optimal strategy for any business. For small business owners, that may mean outsourcing the tasks that aren’t intrinsic to your business—stick to what is most important and delegate the rest.

You may not be choosing to go to the beach instead of work, but if you’re spending time trying to set up Facebook ad campaigns or organizing your cloud storage system when you could be growing your business, then you’re not creating as much value as you could.

For many businesses, creating a delivery network and having the personnel to manage it is a huge investment. Dedicating the time and money for delivery can easily be attributed to other aspects of the business.

This is where Deliv comes in.

Rather than businesses needing to dedicate resources to delivery, they can outsource their good transportation needs to Deliv, only paying per delivery and having a fully-scalable system. Delivery is a vital part of any growing business and Deliv makes it easier than ever to adopt it today.

So save yourself some money and schedule a Deliv today!

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