Bakeries, florists, and Same Day Delivery

Freshly baked cupcakes and newly cut flowers may not seem very similar. One is baked while the other is grown; one is for eating and one is for smelling; but when it comes to the business of selling those items, there is more in common than you’d think.

Bakers and florists provide consumers with the items that brighten up their day—and each are using same day delivery to make enjoying their baked goods and bouquets a little easier. Here are three ways that bakers and florists are surprisingly similar:


While there’s some demand for cupcakes and roses year around, it’s no secret that there are peak seasons for the businesses. Valentine’s Day this year, for instance, saw 4x the amount of deliveries as a typical day.

What does this have to do with delivery, you ask? In-house delivery can be expensive and scaling up to meet seasonal peaks can be challenging.

Being able to manage dozens or even hundreds of deliveries everyday requires drivers, vehicles, routing logistics—for the average baker or florist, these costs add up quick. Additionally, retailers doing deliveries in house have trouble scaling up to meet seasonal peaks and often end up turning business away.

Outsourcing to 3rd party delivery services like Deliv allows businesses to flex with demand. Businesses can save on the cost of owning delivery in-house and instead pay Deliv on a per delivery basis—no setup fees or subscription fee.

With Deliv, businesses no longer have to own trucks and pay full time drivers during times where delivery may not necessarily be in demand.

Freshness Is Essential

Another important trait of any quality baked good or flower bundle? It needs to be fresh.

We manage same day delivery for dozens of florists, including The Bouqs and BloomThat. Ensuring customers are getting their flowers as fresh as possible is important for any florist, and appreciated by every customer. What’s the point of fresh, South American grown flowers if they’ve been sitting in the shop for a few days?

Baked goods aren’t all that different! They are best enjoyed when they’re straight out of the oven. So rather than counting on the in-house delivery driver to spend his day hauling treats around town, many bakeries have turned to Deliv to drop off their goods as fresh as possible.

Deliv makes it simple to get product from the farm or oven to the customer’s door as soon as possible by handling last mile delivery.

same day delivery

Customers Want Convenience and Assurance

Finally, customers want to know where and when their packages will be arriving. With Deliv, enterprise and small businesses alike can offer all the perks customers look for in delivery.

Customers select a convenient delivery window and can use Deliv’s real-time package tracking to see exactly where their packes is while it is en-route.

Whether you’re a florist, baker, or any of the thousands of businesses that can benefit from same day delivery, you can sign up and get a quote by clicking here.  If you are looking to power delivery directly from your website, view our enterprise offering or Contact Us for more information.

Free to focus on your Business

Not only does offering same day delivery provide your customers with the options and convenience they want, it creates more time for you to do what you need to: manage your business.

Offering multiple delivery options in-house requires hiring and scheduling drivers, mapping routes, owning vehicles—all things that create additional overhead for business owners to manage. Not only does outsourcing these processes to Deliv decrease the startup costs, but it alleviates owners of most delivery management responsibilities.

Deliv makes focusing on the core of your business easier, while extending and improving the experience for your customers. Start offering Same Day Delivery today.

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