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same day delivery

How same day delivery can work for you and your customers

Billions of dollars are spent every year on products and goods. From online shopping to classic brick and mortar, consumers are shelling out cash in exchange for clothes, groceries, and everything else that makes up our material lives. What consumers tend to overlook—but a factor retailers and manufacturers are well aware of—is the numerous touchpoints it took to get the… Read more →

Bakeries, florists, and Same Day Delivery

Freshly baked cupcakes and newly cut flowers may not seem very similar. One is baked while the other is grown; one is for eating and one is for smelling; but when it comes to the business of selling those items, there is more in common than you’d think. Bakers and florists provide consumers with the items that brighten up their… Read more →

5 ways small businesses are leveraging Deliv

Delivering the future Deliv has become the largest last mile transportation network in the country. Our crowdsourced delivery platform makes moving items from one place to another easier than ever, powering same day delivery for brick and mortar stores, e-commerce companies, and individuals alike. With thousands of drivers, customer service agents, and a dedicated engineering team, Deliv is able to… Read more →

Valentines delivery

Valentine’s Day in review and what it means for the rest of retail

Another Valentine’s Day is in the books Boxes of chocolates have been exchanged, flowers gifted, and romantic dinners enjoyed. Mid February has come and gone, and with it another exciting years for the businesses that help make Valentine’s Day a special one for friends and lovers. Deliv powers the delivery of thousands of retailer and florists’ deliveries every year, making… Read more →

Deliv Rx: Next gen medical couriers

The transportation industry has been moving rapidly. Pun intended. From ridesharing services to crowdsourced delivery, evolving technology has opened up numerous use cases for how people and packages are moved everyday. Where that technology is applied has helped inject efficiency and accessibility into numerous industries. The latest disruption, Deliv Rx, brings efficiency and convenience to a 3 billion dollar medical… Read more →

Valentines delivery

Last minute gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Gifts We all live busy lives, so when Valentine’s Day—or any other holiday—falls on a Wednesday, it can become difficult to juggle everything. Luckily, we’ve partnered with top retailers to provide thousands of gifts with the convenience of same day delivery. Whether you’re planning days ahead or running a few days behind, these gifts can all be ordered… Read more →


The importance of returns for e-commerce

Retailers overlooking returns While retailers are innovating everyday to increase sales and move inventory, many are overlooking the importance of their return policy. With over ⅓ of e-commerce purchases being returned, overlooking a hassle-free return policy could have a serious backlash on present and future sales. E-commere returns have hovered at around 30% of of online purchases over the last… Read more →

Why Super Saturday will be bigger than ever for retailers

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday grab a lot of headlines, you’ll be surprised to know they’re not the biggest shopping day of the year for brick and mortar retailers. Not even close. Super Saturday, or the last full Saturday before Christmas, has traditionally been the busiest day for shoppers and brick and mortar retailers. Last year, 66% of Americans,… Read more →