Alcohol is delivered! Say Goodbye to Beer Runs.

Everything, delivered.

That statement has become increasingly true of just about anything available for purchase nowadays. From mattresses to flowers to groceries, the convenience of delivery has become commonplace. Deliv, however, has helped take this idea to the furthest extent.

Everything, delivered. Faster.

Deliv’s logistics system allows retailers and grocers alike to offer their goods with Same Day Delivery. And now, just in time for summer, Deliv is rolling out the very best in delivery for everyone’s favorite summertime beverage: alcohol.

Breweries, liquor stores, and wine cellars can reap the benefits of scheduled, same day alcohol delivery from their brick & mortar stores or through their websites. If these retailers’ ecommerce experience is powered by Drync or Bevsites, customers are just a point and click away from adding Deliv’s same day delivery option.

With over 200 billion in liquor sales last year—600 million of which came from online sales—it’s easy to imagine alcohol delivery picking up some steam.

With varying state and local regulations, expensive packaging, and the difficulties of identification verification, alcohol has been a particularly difficult product to offer through an in-house delivery system. Deliv, however, is uniquely equipped to tie together retailers, marketplaces and tech providers to simplify rapid, and predictable beverage delivery.

Let’s not forget: Liquor retailers aren’t the only ones to benefit from this offering—consumers can be just as excited!

We can all say goodbye to lugging that mini-keg to the backyard barbecue or the last minute wine run just before a family get-together; your local liquor supplier is now only a delivery away.

Rest assured. For those of you looking to crack open a cold one in the near future, here are a few alcohol retailers who are offering Same Day Delivery powered by Deliv right now:

K&L Wines in the Bay Area and Los Angeles

Up and down the coast of California, K&L Wines is bringing bottles of Savignon Blanc directly to customers doorsteps! So if you’re looking to wine a little laugh a lot, it doesn’t get much easier than with K&L.


Blanchard’s Wine & Spirits in Boston

This Northeastern retailer is a liquor connoisseur’s dream shop. Stocked with the hundreds of internationally-renowned wines and a wide selection of spirits, Blanchard’s is filling the glasses of patrons all around the Greater Boston Area.


FoodKick by FreshDirect (Greater NY Metro area)

FoodKick makes it easy. The NYC-based company delivers fresh food & cold alcohol with the convenience of same-day delivery. Get easy meal ideas, fresh produce, home essentials, plus cold beer, wine, and spirits.

Looking to save your customers from a late night beer run? Schedule a Deliv or contact us to find out how your website can integrate with our API.

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