7 Social Media Tips for Florists


Same day delivery can help any business succeed, from enterprise retailers to direct meal services. At Deliv, we have experience in a number of industries. In the case of florists, we understand that it’s particularly important to be able to deliver flowers in a timely manner and, because of that, they’re some of our greatest success stories!

Deliv lets you handle the floral arrangements––we do delivery.

To keep people ordering those beautiful bouquets of yours, we’ve put together a few of our favorite social media marketing tips. Here’s to hoping you’ve got a green thumb for growing online audiences!

Investing in social media.

Florists are forced to manage lots of different moving parts. From getting customers in the door to keeping beautiful bouquets in stock, flower shop owners hardly have enough time to worry about growing their Facebook audience. More than half of florists reported time management as their biggest obstacle. Finding the time for social media marketing can ultimately play a large role in your growth. Investing time will allow you to be in contact with members of your community at any time––this will help in the long run!

Leverage your experience.

The need for fresh flowers has been around for centuries and, while many florists haven’t been around that long, over 68% reported having been in the industry 15+ years. Experience in any industry can be a great tool for social media marketing––wield that knowledge like a pro and people will want to listen!

Valuable content.

Professional marketers like to abide by the 80/20 rule. 80% of the content you share across your channels should provide value in some way for your audience. Reminders about upcoming holidays or simply sharing photos that bring joy to users’ days is an easy way for florists to provide value over social media. Feel free to get creative! One of our favorite Instagram accounts is FloretFlower.

Share everything.

The current social media environment is built upon people sharing and consuming content, and your marketing efforts should be no different. You can begin to gain followers and likes by sharing what you’re passionate about––flowers! Engaging your audience by answering questions and liking appropriate photos can help create that bond between you and your current and future customers.

It’s still business!

While sharing photos and communicating with your community can be fun, remember that your ultimate goal is to sell flowers. As your fans come across your social channels, there should never be a high barrier to making a purchase. Make sure your website is optimized for mobile. A slow site or dysfunctional website will turn people off from your actual business!

Be yourself.

Be quirky, be dorky, be funny––whatever it is––be yourself! People come to social media to have fun, so don’t get too buttoned up about selling your business. You are already at an advantage being a florist: People love flowers. Imagine trying to make insurance coverage sound fun! At least you’ve got beauty on your side!

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