6 reasons you should outsource your last mile delivery

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We can outsource a lot of work these days. From virtual assistance on Fiverr, to web developers on Upwork, to just about anything on TaskRabbit, our daily activities are quickly becoming easier to pass off to others. Everyday, people are able to focus on doing what they love by being able to delegate.

Delivery can now work the same way.

At Deliv, we allow you to focus on handling your business because delivery is ours. Here are 6 reasons to begin outsourcing your delivery today:

same day delivery service

Save time & Money:  

It’s probably clear to those of you having to run around town to drop off goods: a lot of time is spent on delivery and, more than anything, a lot of money! The costs associated with investing in vehicles, hiring and managing personnel quickly adds up.

After factoring in the capital and labor cost of building a dedicated in-house delivery network and layering on the time and money it takes to manage that network, it’s easy to understand how expensive a delivery offering becomes. Focusing on your business’s core competencies and outsourcing to a third party delivery service will save you room in your wallet as well as time in your day.

No more headaches about payroll, delivery deadlines, or having the right driver capacity to support the ever changing demand requirements. Businesses should focus on what they do best—leave delivery to Deliv.

Flexibility & Scalability

With Deliv’s ability to scale up or down with demand fluctuations, businesses no longer have to worry about the burdensome costs of low delivery demand or the inability to fulfill demand when it surges.

Who wants to buy a truck, pay a driver, and invest in an inventory management system to do a couple deliveries a week? No one.

That’s what makes flexibility so important. Deliv’s Small Business offering makes ordering a delivery simple, painless—and thankfully—inexpensive. Minimizing costs up front lets you offer deliveries for customers who otherwise wouldn’t have the option.

Who knows—maybe it’ll be more popular than you initially thought! If that is the case, then scaling those deliveries will be just as simple as offering them!

Real time GPS tracking

Florists and bakeries have been offering delivery for decades, but all the latest transportation technology has been too expensive to implement over the past few years. Deliv gives everyday businesses, from bakeries to clothing boutiques, the ability to offer a best in class delivery experience.

Wtth our real-time tracking tool, customers can follow their package while it’s en route, letting them know exactly where their goods are and how soon they’ll be delivered. And customers appreciate it! According to UPS research, 83% of shoppers considered knowing when a package would arrive as the most important aspect of delivery.


Convenience is always a plus. By definition, customers’ lives are made easier when tasks are made more convenient.

That’s why businesses can offer scheduling windows for same day and in the future. Giving customers the option to choose when their packages will arrive makes the entire experience that much more manageable. With Deliv’s scheduling platform, offering the highest level of convenience for customers is just a few clicks away. And up until a driver is assigned to the delivery, customers have the ability to reschedule that delivery—flexibility at its finest!

Customer support

If creating and managing a delivery platform weren’t enough, having the bandwidth to manage the customer support around that service is an entirely new dilemma! Along with outsourcing the actual delivering of items, businesses are able to tap into Deliv’s customer success team as well, taking another item off the full plates of busy people.

Having someone always on call to pick up the phone and answer questions for your customers is just another touchpoint in a top-notch customer experience.


We all know accidents happen. Handling an in-house delivery network requires some level of insurance to protect yourself, your driver, and the goods that they’re delivering incase anything goes wrong. We’ve got you covered. Deliv’s insurance policy covers goods in transit, keeping both customers and retailers at ease about their deliveries.

Did these 6 reasons convince you? We can’t say we’re not surprised! Begin outsourcing your delivery today and schedule a Deliv.

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