5 ways small businesses are leveraging Deliv

Delivering the future

Deliv has become the largest last mile transportation network in the country. Our crowdsourced delivery platform makes moving items from one place to another easier than ever, powering same day delivery for brick and mortar stores, e-commerce companies, and individuals alike.

With thousands of drivers, customer service agents, and a dedicated engineering team, Deliv is able to manage the logistics of last mile delivery. Our ultimate goal is to handle all things delivery so you can care about what is important to you.

With convenient delivery windows and affordable rates, the convenience of last mile delivery is being used in dozens of cases. Here’s 5 we’ve hand selected and explained:

1. Retailers

From national retailers like Macy’s and Best Buy to regional retailers like K&L Wines and Urban Botanica, retailers are looking to create a more seamless customer experience for their store patrons. While offering same day options on online purchases is in vogue for omnichannel retailers, others are using to Deliv to offer delivery from in-store purchases and phone orders. Florists and bakeries across the country leverage Deliv same day or scheduled deliveries. Mall visitors no longer have to lug their heavy purchases  around the food court, opting instead to schedule a home delivery for later in the day.

2. Grocers

Deliv Fresh was rolled out just in time for retailers to enter the digital age. With Amazon acquiring Whole Foods, national and local grocers have been forced to adopt the tools for a more convenient customer experience.

Consumers spent nearly $675 billion on groceries in 2016 and approximately 90 percent shopped for food and household supplies every week. Largely because of the convenience it offers, e-commerce grocery delivery saw massive growth. It is expected to continue to shake up the traditional grocery industry as online grocery sales are forecasted to account for as much as 20 percent of all grocery sales by 2025. Grocers like Giant Eagle and Eataly are taking advantage of Deliv’s same day delivery service.

3. Pharmacies

Of the approximate 4 billion prescriptions dispensed in the U.S. every year, most of them are filled at the 60,000 retail pharmacy locations around the country, but this requires patients to make a special trip to the pharmacy where they usually have to wait for prescriptions to be filled. Retailers like Walgreens in Dallas and Kay Pharmacy have already begun offering the consumers a convenient, same-day solution.

4. Professional Services

Outsourcing delivery moves items around town more efficiently. Law firms, auto-repair garages, and nearly every business in between can save time and money by outsourcing their delivery needs to a 3rd party service.

5. Individuals

Have you ever felt like you needed to be 2 places at once? Picking up kids from school and dropping off paperwork at your job? Deliv’s self-service delivery platform makes it easy for people to tap into the benefits of the same day delivery. The courier-like service makes on-demand and scheduled delivery simple and convenient.

Think you and your business could benefit from efficiency and convenience? You can start scheduling deliveries today by signing up here or contacting us.

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