5 Valentine’s Day gift ideas powered by same day delivery

Looking for that perfect gift for Valentine’s Day? Well, we’ve got a few ideas.

We’re going to take this opportunity to shout out a few of our national partners, who are helping keep some great gift ideas within convenient reach of their customers. Whether you’re planning days ahead or are days behind, these gifts can all be ordered with same day delivery in 17 markets, powered by yours truly!

Remember: When it comes to gift-giving holidays, it’s better to Deliv than to receive!

1. Jewelry from Macy’s

A classic Valentine’s Day sign of affection: A watch or necklace. Getting a loved one a timeless piece that they’ll want to wear around town is a great way to let them know they’re that special one. Macy’s has a wide selection of jewelry for men and women, giving you a number of styles and prices to find the perfect gift—and it’s just a delivery away!

 2. Shoes from Bloomingdale’s

Man or woman, boyfriend or girlfriend—everyone loves a good pair of shoes! You can hit Valentine’s Day dinner in style with some new kicks from Bloomingdales, who offer same day delivery.

3. Headphones from Best Buy

Maybe you’re a 90s romantic and made a mixtape for your significant other—everyone appreciates a nostalgic gift! But wouldn’t it be great to compliment those lovely tunes with some new headphones to jam out with? We certainly think so. Best Buy is now offering same day delivery in 17 markets, keeping most music listeners just a Deliv away from new headphones!

4. Flowers from BloomThat or The Bouqs

Sometimes it’s best not to break from tradition—and flowers on Valentine’s Day have always been a staple for that special day in February. Deliv powers same day delivery for florists across the country, letting you get a beautiful bouquet up until the last minute. We power same day delivery for BloomThat in SF and LA and  The Bouqs  in LA, NY, Boston, Houston, Dallas, Seattle.  We service many local florists throughout the country and you can always have us pick up and deliver a pre-paid bouquet from your favorite florist by booking a delivery thru Deliv!

5. Dog toy from PetSmart

Maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing, and you’ll be spending the evening watching Netflix with your golden retriever. That’s no reason not to exchange gifts! PetSmart offers same day delivery and returns, making shopping for your canine companion easier than ever!

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